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SUN May 26
10:00am Life & Worship
Click here to view live on YouTube
11:00am Fellowship 
11:30am Church Council
2:00pm Jean Hamby Celebration of Life 

MON May 27
TUES May 28

WED May 29
3:00pm  CCS Hosts Showers
@420 Melrose Ave., SC

THURS May 30
FRI May 31

SAT June 1
11:30 am  CCS Hosts Showers
7600 Soquel Drive

Thank you for supporting our ministries as we serve our families, our community, and the environment!

Life & Worship Series: Sidekicks!
Sidekicks! What's the Big Deal?
Remember: The Best You Can
Scripture: Acts 18:1-3 Colossians 3:23 ICB

May 26, 2024
10:00 am Sunday

Attend worship @Church of @Home 10:00am
YouTube Channel  

&  Vimeo Channel
later Sunday afternoon & on demand.



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- The church website (
- Our church FaceBook page
- Special editions of the eBlast. 
   - Email and call the church office (475-2867)

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May Mission of the Month
Manna Ministries


Manna Ministries is an outreach program of Shoreline Community Church. Their purpose is to prepare & serve lunch to those in need in mid Santa Cruz County. They have been serving hot lunches every Saturday at Resurrection Catholic Community (RCC) for more than a decade. CCS is proud to have sponsored this ministry for the past nine years. If you visit RCC at noon on a Saturday, you will see the Manna Ministries van roll up and distribute 35 hot meals to 35 grateful recipients. In addition to the lunches, each person receives a grocery bag with extra food for the week. While you’re there, you’ll also see the showers, hosted by one of the MCHC faith communities. Our faith in action!

To support Manna Ministry, give online or in person.

Thank You for your continued support. Board of Missions

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At Congregational Church of Soquel, we celebrate a Christian faith shaped by the simplicity and power of God's love, made known in Scripture and revealed in the life of Jesus Christ. True to our Congregational tradition, we gather not around a creed but a mutual covenant.

Your hearts and hands are welcome here.

10:00am Every Sunday!

NOTE:  The Sanctuary windows and doors

will be open for proper ventilation. 
Dress for the breeze!

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